Herne Bay Lifeguard and Swimming Club is a non-for profit club set up to support the competitive swimming of children. It is run entirely by volunteers and all membership and monthly fees are used to pay for the running of the club and for the development of the swimmers. The following are payments members will need to make:

Annual Membership Fee

Club Membership is an annual fee which subscribes all swimmers in the same family and one parent / guardian, as members of the club. The membership year runs from 1st September through to 31st August. The Membership Officer will notify you when payment is due and the amount payable. The membership fee is pro-rata for new starters and the Membership Officer will let you know the amount due. Non-payment will mean that swimmers are no longer members of the club and may be prevented from attending training sessions as they may not be covered by our insurance policy.  The rate covering 1st September 2023 to 31st August 2024 is £27.50 per family.

Swim England (ASA) Registration / Insurance Fee

Swim England (ASA) registration is payable annually and runs from 1 January to the 31 December. This fee provides the individual member with personal insurance. The Membership Officer will notify you in December about the fees payable for the following year. Fees must be received by the 31st January to enable the club to process the renewals and pay monies over to Swim England. 100% of the fees paid by members are paid over to Swim England – the club does not retain any of the funds. Non-payment of fees will mean that you are no longer covered by Swim England insurance and will therefore:
1) Not be able to attend training sessions at Herne Bay Swimming Club
2) Not be able to attend upcoming galas, competitions and events.
2024 rates are Competitive Swimmer £41.70; (Non-Competitive Swimmer £18.35).

Club Training Fees

Training fees are calculated annually and are divided into 12 standard monthly payments. Monthly instalments must be paid consistently to ensure that the club can continue to meet its ongoing financial commitments.
Monthly training fees also entitle the swimmer to participate in as many of the annual Club Champs events as they wish or as is appropriate to their level of swimming. No additional fees will be charged.
If joining the club part way through a month, the Fee Secretary / Membership Officer will advise the pro-rata amount that is due for that month. Full monthly fees will then become due from the 1st of the following month.

Fees shown below are effective 1st February 2024 onwards.

Squad / Sessions Annual cost Monthly instalment
Junior Herons Squad:
Lane 9 and Lane 10
Two sessions per week:
Three sessions per week:


Lane 8
Three sessions per week:
Four sessions per week:


Lane 6 and Lane 7
(Four sessions per week)
£828 £69
Senior Herons Squad:
Lanes 1- 5 inclusive
(Four sessions per week)
£1,104 £92
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