Here is some useful information regarding galas, like how to sign your swimmer up for races, how to pay, and some useful information about the day of the gala itself so your swimmer knows what to expect and isn’t overwhelmed by a very different setup to training....but don’t worry, the coaches will be there all day, from start to finish to ensure all swimmers are safe and happy!

Sign up & Pay

You will receive an e-Mail from the club with instructions. Read this carefully and follow these instructions to sign up & pay.


Once signed up and you have paid, you will receive confirmation via e-Mail. Then it’s time to train even harder!

The gala

Before the gala the coaches will give your swimmer some guidance on what to expect. All there is left to do is swim fast!!

Here is a checklist for galas but also for training which we would encourage all junior and senior herons to read as a reminder  of what is expected and what to expect at training and at galas. If you have any questions, please let us know via the contact us page or come to speak to a coach.