Welcome to Herne Bay Swimming Club

Herne Bay Lifeguard and Swimming Club is a successful, competitive club that promotes community participation in the sport of swimming.  Our main focus is on competitive swimming but we accommodate all ages and abilities and welcome everyone with an interest in the sport where spaces allow. The club is divided into three Junior sections for children aged 4+. It is run entirely by volunteers.

Children wishing to join are asked to register for a trial where their abilities and potential are assessed.  If selected, they are invited to join the Feeder Squad or Senior Squad.  See New Members Information for details of where & when we swim. 

Those wishing to join the competitive Senior Squad should have a proven track record.  

If you are thinking of joining or would like more information;

1. Have a look at our comprehensive new members page.

2. To apply for a swimming trial, please fill in the 'Register for trial' form above, and an official will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Last Updated 30 September 2015

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